Camshaft Shape Measurement Equipment

[ Model:SE-121 ]
Camshaft Shape Measurement Equipment

System Outline

On this equipment, the work piece (Camshaft) is supported on both centers, the work is rotated, and from the rotation angle and lift amount, cam profile measurement is performed.
A maximum number of 24 cams can be automatically measured.
Measurement data is procesed using a 32 bit CPU. Profile diagram, Speed diagram and Acceleration diagram can be printed out.
In addition, measurement data error in relation to the design standard value is calculated, and the error diagram can be output.
It can automatically measure up to a maximum of 24 cams, therefore it is possible to calculate the angle of the top points of each cam, or top lift amount,as well as each cam interval phase difference.
Also using Journal as the standard, deflection coorection etc. data pre-processing correction function is included, making it possible for high accuracy measurement

Specification Outline

Power AC100V 50/60Hz
Air Source 0.4MPa (4kg/cm2) or more compressed air
Measurement Method Optical Incremental Encoder Optical Incremental Linear scale
Measurement Resolution Angle Amount : 1 minute Lift Amount : 0.1 μm
Applicable Type of Machines 8 types
Printing A3 size laser printer

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