External Diamter Automatic Measuring and Separation Equipment

[ Model:OD-100 ]
External Diamter Automatic Measuring and Separation Equipment

Measurement System Outline

On this machine, 400 pcs of work is set on the stocker, through the feed vacuum chuck, work is automatically fed to the measurement unit, and on the measurement unit, External Diameter is measured in comparism with master.
After measurement judgment, through the eject vacuum chuck, non-defective Products are arranged and stored. Defective Products are moved to a NG stocker.
The tolerance zone setting can be changed using a sheet key, measurement result can be printed out, and statisctics functions also exists making it very suitable for quality management of external diameter.

Specification Outline

1 ) General Specification

  • Power : AC100V 50/60Hz
  • Air Source : More than 4kg/cm2
  • Environment : 20 degrees±5 degrees, Humidity Less than 85%

2 ) Data Specification

  • End-Measuring Machine Resolution : 0.1μm
  • Measurement Value Display : ±999μm
  • No. of Passes : 6 digit counter
  • No. of Defects : 6 digit counter

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