Roll Integrated Measurement Equipment

[ Model:SE-112 ]
Roll Integrated Measurement Equipment

System Outline

This Measurement equipment is used for measuring large diameter roller shaped (profile) objects that exceed the work range of normal deflection measuring equipment.
By installing X Axis stage and θ Axis on the high accuracy surface plate, roller Squareness, deflection angle, cylindricity, crown etc measurement values can be analyzed from various perspectives using computer analysis.
In addtion, depending on the specification, OK-NG judgment, statistical processing, etc is possible.

Specification Outline

Power AC100V 50/60Hz
Measurement Item Deflection Angle, Squareness, Cylindricity, Crown
Center Interval 2300mm
Center Height 250mm
Use Center r MTNo4
Surface Plate JISSurface Plate Type
Surface Plate Straightness 9 μm
X Stage Stroke 2000 Stroke
X Stage accuracy 9 μm
Sensor 1 μm reading

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