Internal/External Diameter Shape Measurement Equipment

[ Model:QB-102 ]
Internal/External Diameter Shape Measurement Equipment

Measurement System Outline

Automatic Shape Measurement Equipment that supports various shaped works (Internal cam, shaft with groove, etc).
Due to computer control, filler exchange, work automatic centering, edge Automatic detection and other processing can be performed. Also, It has the capacity for managing large amounts of measurement data. By changing the software, measurement of various types of work shape is possible.

Specification Outline

1 ) Power AC100V 1.5KW 50/60Hz
2 ) Rotation accuracy and Automatic centering accuracy Less than 1μm
3 ) Angle Resolution 2 seconds and Angle accuracy less than 1 minute
4 ) Lift Amount Resolution 0.1μm,Stroke 10mm, accuracy Less than 1μm
5 ) Data Output and printing of shape diagram, error diagram, etc is possible.

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