Small diameter roller Lenght , Step Automatic Measurement System

[ Model:OA-108 ]
Small diameter roller Lenght , Step Automatic Measurement System

Measurement System Outline

On this equipment, small diameter roller (For Example, video guide roller) Lenght or unevenness can be measured with high accuracy, pass-fail judgment in relation to measurement standard is performed, and sorted.
The work is inserted into a hopper, by pressing the start switch only, automatic measurement, sorting and work eject is performed.
2 stage roller (Resin inner type) dislodgment force judgment is also possible.

Specification Outline

1 ) General Specifications

  • Power : AC100V 50/60Hz 500VA
  • Air Source : 4kg/cm2 or more compressed air
  • Use Environment : Normal Measurement Environment

2 ) Cycle Time

  • 6 seconds/pc

3 ) Accuracy

  • Repetition Accuracy 2 μm

4 ) Pass-fail judgment Setting Unit

  • Minimum Unit 1 μm

5 ) Display

  • Calculation Result Display,Minimum Unit 1 μm

6 ) Data Output

  • RS232C Compliance

7 ) Can display No of Good Products and No. of defective Products (In Totla or per item).

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