Groove Precision Measurement System

[ Model:QB-101 ]
Groove Precision Measurement System

Measurement System Outline

On the cylindrical work edge surface, the cylindircal center standard is divided equally (2~12 portions) and the processed minute width groove shape or machining data data is measured.
Because the actual work groove width 0.8~2.0mm is very small, measurement that is not possible with general purpose 3 dimensional measuring equipment is performed automatically and accurately using special precision positioning stage and 32 bit computer. Also using sensing mechanism and special feeler and 2 pcs of 0.1μm resolution sensors, due to automatic correction computing, high precision measurement that reduces feeler deflection and error is performed and the measurement accuracy guarranteed.

Specification Outline

1 ) General Specifications

  • Power AC100V±5%, 50/60Hz, 200VA
  • Air Source 5kg/cm2 ~ 9kg/cm2 Clean air
  • Use Environment Room
  • Temperature : 20°C±5°C
  • Humidity : 80%RH and below

2 ) Accuracy Warranty

  • Groove Width : ±1μm and below
  • Groove Width Parallellism : 1μm and below
  • Groove Width Squareness : 1μm and below
  • Groove Partition Angle : ±30 Angle seconds
  • Groove Inclination Angle : ±1 degre
  • Shape diagram :
    (Lateral Magnification×20,×50 selection)
    (Vertical Magnification×200,×500 selection)
    (Inclination Angle Correction Enable/Disable Selection)

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