Multipurpose Type Gear Mating Tester

[ Model:QB-108 ]
Multipurpose Type Gear Mating Tester

System Outline

On the standard specification of this equipment, in addition to the representative flat gear, spiral gear, internal gear, and bevel gear inspection is possible. (Optionally hypoid gear is also possible)
acoustic testing, tooth contact testing, both teeth surface mating testing, inspection items are also possible.
Also, for high accuracy measurement, we are using granite material for the measurement base.

Specification Outline

Power AC200V 1KVA
Load Break can be set to any load using a dial.
Target Work MAX diameter250mm
MAX weight 10kg (including jigs)
Axis Interval Distance Parallel Axis : -5 – 255mm
Intersecting Axis, Drive side : 127.5 – 290mm
Passive side : 0 – 127.5mm
Axis Angle 0 – 360deg., Can be set to any position.
(30 seconds Unit set)
No. of Revolutions 0 – 2500rpm Nonstep Setting : Normal/Reverse Possible
Required floor space 1700(W)×900(D)mm

*This equipment is developed and marketed under technical agreement with Nagaoka Gear Works Co Ltd.

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