Rotary Attachment for Gear Deflection Measurement (SHR-Type)

Rotary Attachment for Gear Deflection Measurement (SHR-Type)
  • Attachment that can be used for spiral gear, bevel gear, circle pitch deflection measurement.
  • Measurement Detector is set on the rotation table, making it possible for angle setting.
  • Angle minimum graduation is 5′ (vernier reading)
  • Install and use on standard type deflection tester, rack slide type tester, etc.
  • Probe is same as for the SH Type. (Module 1.0~4.0, 0.5 interval, 7 pcs supplied)

*Dial gauge and deflection tester are not supplied, Please arrange these by yourself.

Code No. Model Applicable Bench
MAX. Gear (mm) Mass
SHR101 SHR-1 No.1 160 9
SHR102 SHR-2 No.2 330 12

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