Crankshaft Journal Deflection Measuring Equipment

[ Model:SW-118 ]
Crankshaft Journal Deflection Measuring Equipment

On this equipment it is possible to measure crankshaft journal Axis and deflection at the same time.
Because the work support method uses the standard journal [Roller Type V Support], work rotation on the bearing standard is easy thereby increasing the reliability of the measurement
The detector uses a dial gauge, making it easy to use in a machining line.
[V Support] and [Dial Gauge Unit] are movable types, therefore various types of work shape can be supported


Size 1000(w)×750(d)×1000mm (Operating height)
V Support accuracy 5 μm or less
Target Work Size Lenght Maximum 800mm, Large diamtere φ200 and below.
Maximum number of simultaneous measurement points. 5 places.

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