Large Precision X-Y Table

[ Model´╝ÜWS-100 ]
Large Precision X-Y Table

System Outline

This equipment is a large precision X-Y table developed for various performance tests in the car industry.
Regarding capacity, the X Direction has 2000mm stroke and the Y Direction has 500mm stroke. It supports vehicles with upt to a Wheel base of 4000mm and a tread of 1700mm
Also this equipment has enough rigidity to endure shaking tests.
Not only for car testing, it can also be used as a base for industrial machinery as well as other applications.

Specification Outline

Power AC200V
X Direction Stroke 2000mm
Y Direction Stroke 500mm
X Direction Range 2000 – 4000mm
Y Direction Range 1200 – 1700mm
Movement Distance Minimum Setting Unit 1mm
Positioning Method Feedback control through an encoder.

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