Zerotronic Sensor

Zerotronic Sensor

Zerotronic sensor is an Ultra-Precision Angle measurement sensor using the latest precision technology and digital technology.
It boasts of high accuracy and stability even in high temperature and high humidity environments because it is a new technology inactive gas sealed sensor. Zerotronic is the most appropriate sensor for constructing a high accuracy long period monitoring system.
By connecting it to the Intelligent display Level Meter 2000 and computer, it can be used in a wide range of applications like Precision machinery, Precision machine tool, generating plants, ground deformation monitoring, bridge monitoring, etc.

The normal distance between the sensor and computer is 15m, however it can be extended up to 1000m using an intermediary transceiver/converter (T/C).
It is possible to connect up to 32 pcs of zerotronic sensors.

Zerotronic sensor

An ultra precision level made by Swiss company WYLER AG.
The sensor head pendulum is completely covered by ceramic baord to enclose inert gas. It is durable and high accuracy is maintained despite changes in external temperature and humidity.

  • For monitoring variations in the head column of machine lathes.
  • For measurement of Important security facilities, bridges, buildings, dams, tunnels, generating stations standard decsk, adjustment decks, etc.
Special Features

  • It is very strong and stable for use in outside environments.
  • There are 5 Measurement Ranges that can be used depending on the application.
  • Static or dynamic angular variation monitoring, measurement, display, and data processing are possible.
Code No. AY1005 AY1001 AY1002 AY1003 AY1004
Equipment ZERO-0.5 ZERO-1 ZERO-10 ZERO-30 ZERO-60
Measurement Range ±0.5° ±1° ±10° ±30° ±60°
Measurement Error in 24 hours (20°C)
Zero Point (Drift)
0.070%F.S. 0.050%F.S. 0.015%F.S. 0.010%F.S. 0.005%F.S.
Measurement Error in 6 months (20°C)
Zero Point (Drift) 0.170%F.S. 0.140%F.S. 0.055%F.S. 0.030%F.S. 0.035%F.S.
Gain (Gain) 0.250%R.O. 0.250%R.O. 0.060%R.O. 0.050%R.O. 0.027%R.O.
+1sec +1.5sec +3.6sec +5.4sec +12sec
Measurement Error due to Temperature Change (/°C)
(Temperature Range -40°C~85°C)
Zero Point (Drift) 0.060%F.S. 0.040%F.S. 0.008%F.S. 0.005%F.S. 0.004%F.S.
Gain (Gain) 0.200%R.O. 0.200%R.O. 0.030%R.O. 0.020%R.O. 0.030%R.O.
Resolution (with out Filter, Temperature 20°C)
Sampling Time 0.1sec 0.041%F.S. 0.025%F.S 0.020%F.S 0.020%F.S 0.025%F.S
Sampling Time 1.0 sec 0.020%F.S. 0.010%F.S 0.005%F.S 0.006%F.S 0.004%F.S
Sampling Time 10 sec 0.007%F.S. 0.006%F.S 0.002%F.S 0.003%F.S 0.003%F.S
Repeatability/Linearity Depends on Resolution/Linearity Error is less than 0.1%
Power Consumption 70mW 100mW
External Power Supply 12~48V (Blue Meter SIGMA or from T/C)
External Output Blue Meter SIGMA or use T/C
Weight 118g 100g

*F.S=Full scale, mainly used for Zero Point Drift.
*R.O=Read Out (Read value). Mainly used for changes in Gain value.

Display unit Blue Meter SIGMA

The Blue Meter SIGMA is a revised and updated version of the Blue Meter intelligent type display instrument. It can be connected to various measurement instruments made by WYLER like (Zerotronic sensor, Blue Level, Clinotronic etc.)
There are 2 Detector input ports [A-B, C-D differential display], [A=X Axis, B=Y Axis 2D display] [Bubble tube type display] etc. can be selected. A variety of display types can be selected depending on the application.
Using RS232C output, it is possible to output the measurement data to a computer without loss of data.

  • It can be used as a remove display unit for the detector or as an interface between the Detector and computer.
Special Features

  • Data transmission to a computer is possible with RS232C output.
  • By transmitting (connecting) 2 sensors to the display unit, differential display, 2D display an other various types of display are possible.
  • In addition to Zerotronic sensor, it can connect with Blue Level and Blue Clino.
  • This product conforms to CE Marking.
Display Example

Display with 1 sensor connected and bubble tube type display.


4 units connected display

X=A, Y=B Detector 2 units connected and 2D display.

Code No. AT1632
Model BM-16S
Digital Output RS232C, asynchony, 7 Data Bits, 2 Stop Bits, no party, 9600 bps
Usage Temperature Range 0°C~40°C
Battery Alkaline cell battery 1.5V 2pcs or, external AC adapter, USB Connection cable
Battery Life About 20 hours *Note
Measurement (mm) 150×96×40
Weight (g) 835g (Including battery)

*Note: Battery life is not guaranteed as this depends on the use environment.

Connection cable

Code No. Product Name Cable Applications
AY1116 RS485Cable 5m Zerotronic sensor ⇔ Blue Meter SIGMA or T/C
AY1119 RS485Cable 10m Zerotronic sensor ⇔ Blue Meter SIGMA or T/C
AY1117 RS485Cable 15m Zerotronic sensor ⇔ Blue Meter SIGMA or T/C
AT1155 Blue System RS232C Cable for PC/AC 2.5m Blue Meter SIGMA ⇔ PC & AC adapter  Connect to PC with RS232C
AT1661 AC Adpater for internal use AC adapter

Sample connection between Zerotronic and Blue Meter SIGMA

AT1155 Blue System RS232C Connection cable AY1117 RS485Cable 15m

Transceiver Converter (T/C)

By using a T/C (Transceiver Converter) it is possible to extend up to a maximum of 1000mm.

Connection cable

Code No. Product Name Cable Applications
AY1200 Transceiver/Converter (T/C) For Connection cable extension and connection to computer
AY1201 T/C Adapter AC adapter
AY1118 RS232C Cable 2.5m T/C ⇔ PC

Software Lab EXCEL

LabEXCEL is a special software that easily displays measurement values from WYLER made instruments like (Blue System, Blue Clino, Clinotronic, Zerotronic WY BUS Specification).
Measured data is continously displayed on the computer. It is also possible to save as CSV data for later processing in Excel.

  • Precision Machine Lathes static or dynamic accuracy measurement and long term monitoring system.
  • Ground, dam, generation stations, bridges etc long term monitoring system.
  • It can also be used for precision inclination angle measurement and as a long term data measurement system.
Special Features

  • WyBus Specification measuring instruments can be connected Blue System, Zerotronic sensor, Blue Clino, Clinotronic etc.
  • Measured data is continously displayed on the computer and can be saves as CSV data.
  • It is possible to select measurement intervals for Continous measurement, Interval measurement, or Specific hours measurement.
  • Data can be processed in Excel.
  • In addition to 1 unit measurement, 2 units differential measurement, A=X Axis/B=Y Axis measurement is possible.
  • It is possible to connect a maximum of 10 measuring instruments.

Software Specification

Code No. AY1400
Model LabEXCEL
OS WIndows 7 [32bit], Windows®, XP,Vista, 7
Hard disk Required empty space 20MB and above
Supply Media CD-ROM

*Computer, printer, USB conversion cable and other peripherals are required separately.
*Requires a computer with Microsoft Excel installed.
*Excel, Windows® are trade marks of Microsoft Corporartion in the US and other countries.

Due to product improvement, specifications and appearance may change without notice.

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