Blue Clino

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Blue Clino

The Blue CLINO is a new version of the precision hand held inclination measuring instrument CLINO 2000 which has recieved a wide acclaim for wide range angle measurement with up to 60 degrees high precision setting, and an embedded Blue Meter SIGMA display unit.

Special Features

  • It is possible to perform accurate measurement within a range of ±60 degrees range.
  • Zero Point adjustment is easily performed using the embedded progam and inverted measurement method.
  • Using the large, multi-finctional LCDDisplay unit, it is possible to select an ideal measurement unti and display screen.
  • Data transmission to a computer is possible with RS232C output.
  • There are two types of the square base, a high rigidity cast iron and light weight aluminum base.
  • This product conforms to CE Marking.

Equipment Types and Main Specification

Code No. Model Measurement Range Resolution sec (mm/m) Base Material Weight (kg)
AY1801 BC-2010 ±60° 5sec (≈0.025mm/m) Cast Iron 3.5kg
AY1802 BC-2020 ±60° 5sec (≈0.025mm/m) Aluminum 1.5kg

Blue Clino Specification

Measurement error 12sec+0.027%R.O. and below
After quick caliberation, 1 minute and below
Usage Temperature Range 0°C~40°C
Data Transmission RS485, Asynchronous, 7Data Bits, 2Stop Bits, no parity, 9600bps
(Optional Connection cable for direct connection to a computer)
Battery Alkaline cell Batteries 1.5V 2pcs or external AC adapter, USB Connection cable
Battery Life About 25 hours *Note
Measurement (mm) L×H×W 150 × 150 × 40

*Note: Battery life is not guaranteed as this depends on the use environment.
R.O. : Read Out (Read bvalue)

Optional Parts

Code No. Product Name Cable Applications
AT1655 Blue System RS232C Cable for PC/AC 2.5m Use RS232C to connect to a computer. For connecting to AC adapter.
AT1661 AC adapter for indoor use For Power Supply
AT1657 Blue System USB Connection cable 2.5m Use USB to connect to the computer and supply power.

Due to product improvement, specifications and appearance may change without notice.

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