Bench Center Example with Encoder


This deflection tester is based on the P type deflection tester, with an encoder embeeded in its rotation Axis.
It can be used for applications that require lift amount in relation to angle.
(Camshaft, pulley, sprocket, Gear etc)
Encoder and lift amount detector can be displayed on LCD, fed into a computer, perform D/A conversion and trace the shape drawing in a recorder as well as other usage methods.
Encoder resolution or lift detection sensor stroke and resolution, Measurement work shape, measurement accuracy, data output method, Manual or Automatic (motor drive) rotation, etc. can be selected at will. We can design and manufacture to your desired specification.

Basic Specification

Center Height 100mm
Center MTNo.1
Center Parallellism 5μm
Encoder Resolution 3600p/rev(0.1 degree), can be set freely
Turn Deflection Accuracy 5μm and below
Drive Method Manual (Motor drive is an option)
Lift Quantity Sensor Can be set at will. (Linear Scale, etc)

Other Settings outside of the basic specifications will have to be discussed.

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