Ultra-Precision Granite Master Angle

Ultra-Precision Granite Master Angle
  • Can be used as accuracy inspection master for measurement equipment, inspection equipment etc.
  • Because it is a squareness master, it can be used as a parallelism master.
  • The use surface has Precision lapping finishing
  • Precision surface is the outer circumference square. The Accuracy surface is 10mm minused from the outer circumference.
  • Because it is made of Granite, effects of changes in temperature is minimal.
Code NO. Nominal Measurement (L×H×Wmm) Straightness, Parallellism (μm) Surface Accuracy (μm) Mass (kg)
GC-1001 300 320×320×60 1.0 5 13
GC-1002 500 520×520×90 2.0 10 48

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