Granite Rectangular Straight Edge

[ Model:GRANITE-STRAIGHT EDGE ][ Stock No:900-3 ]
Granite Rectangular Straight Edge
  • Manufactured with good quality gabbro granite.
  • Suitable for inspection of Precision machinery running accuracy, machined surface straightness and flatness
  • The precision surface is graduated excluding 20mm form both edges. (Same for Nominal Measurement)

*Products with Nominal Measurement 1000mm have handle

Nominal Measurement Measurement
Grade 00 Special Grade Grade A Weight
Code No. Straightness Parallel (μm) Code No. Straightness Parallel (μm) Code No. Straightness Parallel (μm)
750 790×100×50 EF101 2 EF201 3 EF301 5 13.5
1000 1040×125×60 EF102 3 EF202 4 EF302 6 27.0

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