GraniteV Block

[ Stock No:900-11 ]
GraniteV Block
  • 2 blocks make up one set. Parallelism of base and V groove of the 2 blocks is assured.
  • Secular distortion, and temperature change effects are minimal. It is wear resistant and does not rust in addition to other special features.
  • Very convenient for round objects, and other types of inspection or as supporting block (Rectitude stand)
  • V Groove is 90 degrees

*According to your requirement, we also manufacture special measurement products.

Grade A Grade A Mass
Code NO. Base and V Groove
Code No. Base and V Groove
50 50×50×50×40 JC101 3μm JC201 5μm 1.0
75 75×75×75×60 JC102 JC202 2.5
100 100×100×100×80 JC103 JC203 5.5
150 150×150×150×120 JC104 JC204 19.0

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