Double Type Sine Plate

[ Stock No:305 ]
Double Type Sine Plate
  • Double Type Sine Plate that ensures high precision
  • The upper Table can be inclined 90 degrees and the center table 45 degrees
  • Comes with main scale graduation (1 degrees) and vernier scale (5 percent)
  • Block Gauge stand for high accuracy measurement
  • T Groove for work piece locking. (4 places)
  • The center table can be moved Up/Down using the handle. (To move upwards it has to be hand lifted)
Code No. Measurement
Upper Surface Measurement
Inclination Angle
Roller Center Distance Parallelisms
NF101 370×335×235 335×310 0 – 45 200±0.01 300±0.01 10 103

(NOTE) Inclination Angle is determined by the supplied graduation plate

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