Attachment for Gear Deflection Measurement (SH Type)

[ Stock No:101 ]
Attachment for Gear Deflection Measurement (SH Type)
  • For gear circle pitch deflection (Deflection) Measurement.
  • Install and use with Standard Model tester, Rack Slide Type tester, etc.
  • 7 probes are supplied by default. (Every 0.5 from Module 1 to 4)

*Dial Gauge and Deflection Tester are not supplied.
*We can manufacture special measurement probles according to your requirement.

Code No. Model Applicable Deflection Tester MAX Gear Diameter
Probe (7 pcs)
SH100 SH-0 P-1,2,3 Type 130 1.0 – 4.0
(0.5 increment)
SH101 SH-1 NO.-1 Type 220 5
SH102 SH-2 No.-2 Type 380 11

*If it is to be installed directly unto a rack feed method ML-Type stand base, we can manufacture that specially.

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