Level Tester

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Level Tester
  • Very convenient for Level Sensitivity, Levelness inspection and Levelness examination.
  • The core interval for this equipment is 500mm. Normal Level Sensitivity id displayed in 1m. On this equipment the dial gauge reading value multiplied × 2 will be the level sensitivity.

NOTE: Level and Dial Guage are not included. They have to be provided separately.

Code No. Nominal floor surface Measurement
(L×W mm)
Upper surface Measurement
(L×W mm)
Core interval Distance
AZ101 500 623×267 530×60 500 10 20


What is Level Sensitivity The inclination required to change the bubble chamber’s bubble graduation by 1. This means the height (Unit : mm) or Angle (Unit : seconds) in relation to base 1m.Height relations in relation to angle and base is as follows

Angle 1 seconds = 4.85μm per 1m

≈5μm per 1m

Types of Levels Division Sensitivity (mm/m)
Type 1 0.02 (≈4″)
Type 2 0.05 (≈10″)
Type 3 0.1 (≈20″)


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