Granite Master Surface Plate

[ Stock No:900-10 ]
Granite Master Surface Plate
  • Upper surface and 2 side surfaces are high precision finished.
  • 2 side surfaces perpendicularity and straightness accuracy is guaranteed. There for it is very convenient for inspection of Work Squareness and Straightness etc using dial gauge.

*The special dial gauge stand is not supplied with the product.

Code No. Measurement
BK101 600×600×125 4 2 130
BK102 750×500×125 5 3 138
BK103 1000×750×150 7 4 325
BK104 1000×1000×150 8 5 435

Measurement Method

  • Place a Work on the Surface Plate as in the figure.
  • Usind Dial Gauge Stand, adjust the work so that the Dial Gauge reading value at A point and B point will be zero.
  • Move the Dial Gauge Stand to the other direction. from the dial gauge reading value, measure the work Squareness and Straightness.

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